Transferring Skills to the Moving Industry

Tiffany Owens and Joy Pacheco knew little about the moving industry before creating Handle With Care. However, with both being serial entrepreneurs and spending years in financial services, they had an elevated understanding of business and what it takes to succeed.

Before recruiting a number of individuals with proven years in the moving industry, they both enrolled in the 18-week Rochester School Modernization Program, designed to provide small business owners with knowledge and skills they might not already have. In doing so, the two women took on an entirely new learning curve at a higher elevation. The program is based on components, elements and principles of the construction industry, which provides a foundation that can be applied to almost any business. Both women completed the program with a deeper business insight and an acquired confidence in transferring and applied their already honed skills to the moving industry.

Agreeing to commit to a socially conscious operation, Tiffany and Joy are now ready to give back. They are building an employee training program which ensures every employee is engaged in personal and professional development that will enable them to transfer their skills and become a valued asset in any industry they pursue.