Moving During COVID-19 Pandemic

A scheduled moving date, for many, is not flexible. If your lease is ending or you have sold or purchased a home or property and your closing date is set, you may need to move on the day originally scheduled. Moving is generally considered an essential service and moving companies are operating in all states during this pandemic. If you do have flexibility with your moving date, and you need a moving company, you may want to consider waiting, especially if you’re in a high-risk group. If you do find you need to move during this pandemic here are some steps to follow:

Contact your movers and confirm your reservation. Let them know if anyone in your home or workplace has had the coronavirus or is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Also take the opportunity to talk about ‘best practices’ during the move. There will be less stress if
everyone is on the same page.

Determine what supplies you will need for the move, so you can get everything needed in one trip. If you’re not sure exactly what you’ll need or how much, error on the side of more.

Don’t use free or recycled moving boxes. Boxes that you already have in your home or workplace can be used with a wipe down. Now is not the time to pick up free moving supplies from places that recycle or throw boxes out. The coronavirus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours.

Use this opportunity to clean and sanitize your items as you pack. If you can’t find disinfectant wipes, make your own. Mix one tablespoon of bleach or Lysol with one gallon of water.

Complete your packing at least a day before the movers are scheduled to arrive and leave the boxes untouched. If you have items going to a storage unit ask about the safeguards and sanitation practices being used there.